The ICPA C19 Prison Taskforce's Peer-to-Peer Programme is designed to facilitate the matching of correctional professionals within our network or with partners for addressing the Covid-19 situation in prisons.

By completing the form below we will assess your request and aim to respond within as soon as possible. Depending on the nature of your request there is no guarantee that we will be successful in providing a match with a colleague, if this happens we will inform you that we cannot process your request.

To avoid duplication of requests and questions we may make questions and responses available to others via our website. Where this occurs all information will be made anonymous without reference to you, your agency or country.

ICPA C19 Prisons Taskforce

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It is important to note that ICPA's Peer-to-Peer Programme will attempt to match you with a colleague for further exchange of information. ICPA does not endorse or vouch for the information which you receive as a result of this process, nor do we take any responsibility for actions taken as a result of implementing any such advice. By completing this form you agree that you are solely accountable for the validation of any information or advice received via the programme.